Get serious about Japanese bookings!

How could you run a vacation rental business in Hawaii without a Japanese booking engine?


More than 20% of tourists in Hawaii come from Japan*


They spend 30% more on lodging than American tourists.


They, too, want online booking in their native language!

* Source: Official Hawaii Government Annual Report

How it works

Watch this short video and find out how our booking engine works.

Our References in Hawaii

Don’t just take our word for it. These companies all use Escapia and our Japanese Booking Engine.

Lelea by HIS
Hawaiian Dream Vacations by VR Booster

VR booster has been an official Escapia partner for more than 5 years

Since then, we developed a number of solutions to get more bookings. Our experienced developers can make the custom developments you dream of…


Quick onboarding

If you use Escapia, getting your Japanese Booking Engine is easy as 1-2-3. Number 4 is optional:)


1. Check our video

Check our booking engine video overview, browse through the websites we have created, think whether you just need the booking engine or a full-grown premium website.


2. Contact us

Book a personal consultation with our vacation rental expert, or just email us.


3. Finish order

Get a personalized offer from our team,  confirm ordering the booking engine and you are ready to go!

We take care of all the technical stuff, your booking engine could be up and running in a week…


4. Custom enhancements

Optionally, we can make custom changes to bend the solution to your needs. More in Premium websites.

The booking engine costs $4/property/month minimum $400/month for the first language (for example Japanese), an additional $ 300/month to add English, $100/month for each additional language. The minimum commitment is one year . This does not include the cost of translation for property descriptions- $.08 per source word for English to Japanese.). Please check the premium websites page to see which features visible on Captain cook Resorts website for example are not included in the booking engine. With the booking engine, we focus on what provides most of the value at the smallest cost.

Still not decided? Let’s talk!

It will be our pleasure to talk about how you can boost your vacation rental business and answer your general or technical questions.