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19. 01. 2012 - Automatic answer to inquiries in 2 minutes

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15. 07. 2010 - Long term rentals feature

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Professional services for your Vacation Rental Business

Yield management for vacation rentals- how to set minimum rents

This video outlines our approach to yield management for vacation rentals and focuses on how to calculate minimum rents to  protect you profitability and relationships with owners.

[top]International reservations - accommodation booking worldwide

Leverage our international team to get and serve clients in other languages than English

The number of foreign visitors to the US is significant (more than 50 million people) and growing (+11% in 2007) Even among US citizens, 34 million people prefer to speak Spanish.

International reservations

We have years of experience in getting clients from dozens of countries and serving them with a great satisfaction rate in more than 7 languages (Spanish-Franch-Italian-German-Russian and more).

[top]Search engine optimization

Get the best positions on Google in any language and pay only for what you get

What distinguishes us from other SEO providers is that:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google
  • we know the vacation rental business
  • we accept payment based on results
  • we can optimize for other languages than English

Our references include:, for which me managed to preserve and improve excellent positions on Google (number one for Cozumel rentals, Cozumel condos) and get the site out of Yahoo blacklist-, Google number one for location appartement prague-, optimized by our partner Balyst for many keywords across industries and languages. Let our clients from Cozumel speak for us: “When considering switching to VR-Booster, our main concern was to keep our very good positions on Google. They actually improved our positions on Google.”

[top]Yield management

We can help you design an improved rate policy and configure it in VRS

Yield management is crucial to succeed in the accommodation business today and Escapia offers a unique possibility for Vacation Rental businesses to leverage it. But maybe limited time in your team mean you keep postponing that improvement?

Internet and online marketing

This typically includes:

  • analyzing your pricing and configuring the equivalent of classic pricing rules into advanced pricing
  • managing the transition from classic to advanced with regard to contracts with owners
  • analyzing your market and competition to come up with new price rules that will yield more
We did it for ourselves and clients, so we know both Vacation Rental business rules and the techniques to translate them into VRS advanced pricing configuration.

[top]Internet marketing and online services

Bring more visitors to your website

Let us implement traffic and conversions analysis to drive site improvements and pay-per-click spending optimization.

Internet and online marketing
  • more visitors from various sources
  • focus on best conversion sources
  • long term strategy

We do keyword analysis, competitors analysis and more...

[top]Website graphic design

Let us create the webdesign you dream of...

An original webdesign helps your website stand out. We have our own webdesigners and also cooperate with creative and design studios in Europe. In webdesign we focus on these things:

Webdesign services
  • usability and accessibility
  • standards compilant while making HTML/CSS
  • maximalizaition of good user expericence
  • web 2.0 and AJAX features
  • user testing and navigation effectivity measuring

To get starting cost lower is also possible to use design from templates - for example is good choise with thousands of good design. Don't hesitate to ask for design possibilities.