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15. 10. 2016 - See you in Phoenix for the VRMA National Conference

Our CEO and co-founder Eric will be at the VRMA National Conference in Phoenix on October 16th-19th, 2016. It is a great opportunity to meet in person. This time we will not operate a booth but join the various presentations, so call Eric 504-777-0642 to meet. more >

29. 09. 2015 - See you in New Orleans for the VRMA National Conference

Our CEO and co-founder Eric will be at the VRMA National Conference in New Orleans on October 25th-28th, 2015. It is a great opportunity to meet in person. This time we will not operate a booth but join the various presentations, so contact us to agree on a meeting. more >

VR Booster Pricing and ROI

[top]A few guidelines

We know a custom website is a significant investment - here are a few examples of what it could bring you...

Escapia accommodation booking table

The following examples are from our own experience in vacation rentals. We cannot promise you they will bring you exactly the same -maybe less, maybe more. What they do show, though, is that a new website can have a huge impact on bookings. In a very competitive and changing environment, not improving your website might mean missed benefits in the short run - and atrophy in the long run.

We will be happy to work with you on an estimate of the potential based on your data.

FeatureSample impact on bookings value
Double your online bookings

+$15,000 to 30,000 gain per year

Assumes a VR company with 100 units, 25% commission rate, $2,500 average booking value, $15 per hour cost of a reservationist, $32,000 per unit/year turnover, 0.34% starting online conversion rate, starting at 1 online reservation for 7 reservations through phone or emails,  and 30 minutes for a reservationist to make a reservation through emails and phone.
Add a virtual assistant to your team

+$ 30,000 gain per year

Same assumptions+ 125 inquiries/unit/year and 10 minutes for a reservationist to prepare a quote.
Fish out incomplete reservations

+ $ 30, 000 gain per year

Same assumptions+ assumes a  poor starting positions on Google,
Fish out incomplete reservations

+ 5%

Guesstimate based on Rentego's experience.:35% of visitors started an online reservation without finishing it. Assuming one out of seven would have finally gone to competition if not contacted quickly, we estimate it at 5% of online bookings.
Precise and appealing unit descriptions
We know for example that units with x pictures get booked y% more, see Bill Furlong's post on the blog
Cross-sell more services
+ 1.5% Measured on Rentego in May 2009. At Home In Cozumel probably does much better - to be measured...
Deal better with large groups
+ 2.8% Measured on Rentego in May 2009.

Fill gaps in your grid with shorter stays
+ 2.5% Measured on Rentego .
Fill gaps in your grid with longer stays + 1.5% To be measured. Some low season months long term stays (defined as more than 30 nights) represent more than 25% of Rentego's booking revenues
Fill gaps in your grid with longer stays -commissions from leads
+ 2.5% Commissions from transfering demands for long-term rentals in high season to a partner in real estate. Measured on Rentego for period 04/27/2009 to 05/28/2009

Fill gaps in your grid with shorter stays
+ 2.5%Measured on RENTeGO .

[top]Price ranges and options

We will be happy to study your needs and present you with a  cost estimate based on your specific needs...

Conversion metrics - Google Analytics

Developing a custom website based on the Escapia API yourself can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 and take years.

Depending on how much customization you need, our experience enables us to develop it for you in months for a budget ranging from $12,000 to $50,000.

Please contact us and we will be happy to study your needs with you and present you with a detailed cost estimate based on your specificities. Typically we would meet or have a web conference and go through your websites and your needs. The items below are just designed to help you check which options you could use. In our experience, your vacation rental business must manage at least 50 units to consider getting a custom website. Above that size, the more units you manage, the more profitable your custom website will be.

Features included in the booster plus package
Escapia API Integration
Quickclick Booking path including 4-clicks search
Design with customized template (pictures, colors, logos)
CMS system to edit and add pages- unlimited number of users+static pages content transfer

Secure credit card acceptance
Additional static pages - content migration
Fish out incomplete reservations
Coupon codes
Live chat
Extra services module
Advanced specials
Groups page
Long term rentals page
Custom search engine
Compare properties
Custom navigation for shorter stays and longer stays page
Display panoramic pictures
Integration with advanced Google analytics and training

Only $ 7,000 + $ 700 per month for up to 150 properties  (includes ten hours of monthly support), then + $50/month for  each extra 50 properties  

Smart Responder
NEW! Automatic email answer to inquiries

Only $ 4,000 if bought together with the booster  package - see for more, especially


Optional features Price in USD
Multi-language package including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Brasilian Portuguese and Italian

$ 4,500 + $3/property/month

Professional services (per hour)
Display grid    200
Extra for the custom creation of a new design with changes in shapes and layout, and its integration
$ 5,500

Not included:

Escapia API setup fee from Escapia Contact your Escapia sales representative
Secure seal for online reservations page
Hosting Usually $50 per month
Escapia pricing if you are not using Escapia yet Contact an Escapia sales representative
Googlemap fees (pay directly to Google)
Live chat fees from Provide Support

[top]Coming soon: an Excel spreadsheet to build your own ROI estimate

Coming soon: this customizable Excel model allows you to compute your own ROI estimate

Conversion metrics - Google Analytics

We pre-filled this model with dummy figures to illustrate how it works. But you can replace it with your own real assumptions, and twist formulas in any way you want.