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19. 01. 2012 - Automatic answer to inquiries in 2 minutes

This new feature sends an email answer to inquiries within 2 minutes. more >

Double your online bookings!

Double your online bookings!

Thousands of visitors, and the industry average is one online booking out of 400 to improve that? 
  • How many visitors do you have? How many online bookings do you get in the end?
  •  What can you do to improve the percentage of visitors who end up booking?
  •  Our custom websites have conversion scores ranging between 0.71% and 1.72%, that is more than twice the  average for professionnally managed websites...

[top]Save your visitors 8 minutes and 34 clicks to reserve!

Save your visitors 8 minutes and 34 clicks to reserve!

Imagine a prospect who wants to reserve a property from September 10th to 17th. He wants to compare the prices of 3 or 4 available properties - price is the #1 driver followed by location (Jupiter Research & Hitwise, June 2008).

Reduce number of clicks

With VR-Booster, he can do so in a record 5 seconds.

Source and methodology: test on an Escapia powered website and ; clicks to get to the first online reservation form counted excluding those to select date and type of unit (about 4 clicks).

Direct price listing

...thanks to the QuickClick booking path:

This is possible because when visitors enter stay dates on VR-booster get the list of AVAILABLE units with the EXACT PRICE for the period requested.

[top]Get an attractive and modern design

Seduce through beautiful design and pictures. Our state-of-the art template visible on favors large pictures and integrates the latest best practices and tricks for vacation rental websites.  We can also create a unique design inspired by your wishes, transfer your own design or any other from a template...

Design matters, be original

We can create the website design of your dreams to make your site more distinctive..

... We can customize templates to save your money

Or you can choose from thousands of templates to save money and time

[top]Display many large pictures, videos, maps, floor plans, etc.

Rich information sells - videos, maps, reviews, floorplans, etc. are key to convince. SNAD - Significantly Not As Described - is one of the main fears preventing potential guests from choosing vacation rentals vs. more standard accommodation like hotels. Today, thanks to the Internet, you can present your properties in a detailed way that creates trust. As the general managers of Cozumel put it: “At At Home in Cozumel, we have been in business for over 25 years and we built our reputation on choosing great properties ( All of our Cozumel vacation rentals are not just near the sea, but right on the sea.) and providing honest descriptions. So we were happy to use all the features VR-booster has to display that – maps, floor plans, panoramic pictures, and so on…”

Locate yourself = create trust

Show location with Google maps to create trust

Location, location, location is key… With vacation rentals it is also the main SNAD concern…(Is it really by the sea? Near the main attraction? Close to the center?) Google Maps is much more trusted than homemade maps. All you need for properties to display on maps is have their latitude and longitude filled in VRS fields.

Show reviews

Display customer reviews

All you need for reviews to display is have them activated in VRS You get the choice to display all reviews or to eliminate those deemed unfair or obsolete.

Let them know where they go

Show layouts with floorplans

Often vacation rental customers want to save money but they are concerned about privacy: - Who will have a private bedroom? - Who will get a convertible sofa in the living room? With floorplans they know where they go.

Pictures sell

Display many pictures nicely

Pictures sell. See the following Escapia post

Display your panoramatic pictures

Panoramic pictures

If you still have panoramic pictures from the older Escapia website, VRS booster can still display them.

Dont forget videos


Videos are our future...and already our present.

Security is important

Secure online reservation with a seal

Of course sites designed by VRS booster are secured using the seal of your choice (Verisign, Godaddy) with the option to go for the green bar. CC details go into your VRS and can be processed exactly as usual- no change in your organization and safety

Let customers download

Easy downloads of brochures and videos


[top]Catch incomplete bookings which enables your team to close the booking

Many of your visitors start reservations but do not finish.

Help visitors become your customers

An e-shopping survey by AT. Kearney showed 4 out of 5 consumers give up before completing an online purchase. In our experience in vacation rentals about 35 % start filling the online reservation form without finishing. It does not mean they are lost; some of them will reserve later anyway, maybe they need to check competitor’s prices, or think a bit more. Chances to get their reservation are much higher if you can contact them and address their concerns or adapt your offer.

System of booking

VR booster enables you to catch up hesitating customers who gave up on online reservations

You get the contact information that the prospect started to fill in. Usually it is easy to address their concerns and get the booking. Often they abandon the reservation due to concerns you can address, (for example: Is online payment by credit card safe? (You can give them guarantees or have them phone you their CC number)). Prospects react very well to this extra care and attention. You can also use this info to improve your website.

[top]Fill gaps in your grid with shorter or longer stays

In high season we are all happy to focus on stays respecting the minimal stay length at high rates, let’s say a weekly Saturday to Saturday. But in low season we make exceptions - a stay below the usual requirement is better than an empty property. Similarly much longer stays can be interesting in low season even at a discounted rate. Your reservation team deals with that when contacted, but is your website able to propose the same?

Delay short and long term rentals

VRS booster manages different navigation processes for shorter or longer stays

Short stay requests are directed to a customizable short rentals page. Long term rentals are directed towards the long term page. It is up to you to define what is short and what is long based on the specificities of your business.

Edit long term rentals easily

Long term rentals page is easy to edit

This page is easy to edit through a custom admin interface where even reservationists can easily create a « classified » See

[top]Compare properties side by side


Let your reservationists edit everything

Compare properties side by side

Always useful for visitors- and your team can also use it online as a sales tools while on the phone. It works both before search, and after search (thus for avilable units with exact prices.

[top]Easily advertise specials

There have always been special and bargain hunters, but hard times and yield management make them even more necessary.

Let your reservationists edit everything

Our specials page is even editable by html dummies

The specials page comes with an easy interface that allows your reservationists to edit everything, and list advertised properties without having to re-enter property details. Creating a special can take as little as 2 minutes Listings are well-connected to online reservations and kept up-to-date.

You have maybe wondered how you can make money on area pages that get a lot of traffic but drive few conversions...VR Booster's specials are also designed to do that.

Display specials on your area info pages

You can display specials even in area information pages

Just tick one box and your special will also display on static pages that give area information etc. It is time for all the work you put in updating these pages to bring a return!

[top]Save on labor costs thanks to more online reservations

Online reservations solves problems with multiple contats

Online reservations spare your team multiple contacts

The industry average is around 1 online booking to 4 phone inquiries. What happens to labor costs if you double your online conversion rate?

Let's consider the usual process for a phone/email inquiry:

  • Email 1: availability and price? or Internet?
  • Email 2: parking or dog or Internet?
  • Email 3: where is it located? Is it safe?
  • Email 4: what are the payment conditions?
  • Email 5: when can we enter? How to get there?
  • Email 6: OK we want to reserve, please call us…

More online reservations mean you get the information directly in your VRS database, which is much cheaper, faster, and induces less errors.

Assuming a total cost of $30 per hour for a rental agent, assuming each of the steps above takes 5 minutes on average, an online reservation saves you 15 dollars - compared to reservations through phone/email. Doubling your online conversion rate could mean saving  1% of yearly commissions in labor cost.

This does not even include the time saved on inquiries that do not result in a booking. For example, the copy paste from the website search results allowed by quickclick booking path (2 minutes vs 5 when your rental agent needs to prepare an email with quick quotes); the calls avoided because prospects check location on Google maps by themselves, and so on...