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19. 01. 2012 - Automatic answer to inquiries in 2 minutes

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Get more visitors!

Boost your marketing with new weapons and targets!

Does your website today help you:

  • Sell more services?
  • Help you reach international visitors? Or spanish speaking americans?
  • Get better positions on Google?
  • Sell through Facebook? Through travel agents?

If not, think about may be missing business opportunities!

[top]Go multilingual to target international visitors

The number of foreign visitors to the US is significant (more than 50 million people) and growing (+11% in 2007) Even among US citizens, 34 million people prefer to speak Spanish. Because most vacation rental websites do not address this, it is easier to get more than your fair share of this market with little effort. Diversifying your clientele to other countries means less risk especially in a crisis time… And foreign tourists are especially interesting for the vacation rental business because they have different holidays meaning a different seasonality and filled-in occupancy gaps.

Multiple languages support

VRS booster supports multiple languages to target more visitors

The core reservation path is already translated in Spanish/French/Russian/Brazilian portuguese/etc. More translations are on the way, and you can add or customize any translation you want. Unicode is supported so you can even add Asian languages. Should you want to not only enable reservation in other languages but also take calls in foreign languages, our international reservations center can help you.

[top]Get better positions on Google and trim advertising spending

“Half of my advertising budget is wasted, I just do not know which half,” is what a 19th-Century British advertiser used to say. It might well be your case if you do not know how many dollars of booking come through each source of Internet advertising (keywords in Google, adwords, targeted keywords through SEO, Internet banners etc.)

Get more profitable business

Get traffic and conversions statistics to improve the efficiency of your ad spending -get more bookings

Tracking the revenue from each Internet source even down to keyword level will enable you to trim unprofitable advertising, and to test the potential of new ads and sources to get more profitable business. Advanced analytics allow you to track conversions and their value by source, as well as searches and conversions by date to optimize the timing of your spending per season. 

Today we all know that positions on Google are crucial to drive traffic to our websites. Whether you choose to do SEO in-house or to outsource it, VRS-Booster will help.

Let SEO be cheaper and more efficient

Easy edits plus conversion statistics for cheaper and more efficient SEO

Easy access to tags and content, and the ability to create new pages and add links, plus our optimized structure will enable you to do SEO work in-house if you wish- without risks of damage to the vital parts of your website, and without mastering html. Conversion statistics will allow you or your SEO providers to prioritize the keywords that bring bookings and money into your bank account, not those that just drive traffic.
The whole structure and coding are designed for maximal SEO efficiency, so let results speak for themselves: our website get the best rankings on very competitive keywords. is number one for "cozumel villa rentals" and Rentego is number one for "location appartement prague" and "appartements prague". (as of 29.11.2011)

[top]Easily create and add rich content with a WYSIWYG editor and picture manager

Our content management system allows you to quickly and easily edit most parts of the site without risking any damage to the vital functions. Easily create and add rich content with a WYSIWYG editor and picture manager. Also, we can develop any function you have seen working on other websites.

Add and edit pages as you want

You can add and edit as many pages as you want.

This is useful to present your destination in an attractive way It is also very useful for SEO to create new, optimized pages based on keywords prospects search for. For example if a special event in your area attracts many visitors, you can create a page called 'special events accommodation'

Manage your email

Email to friends

Allows visitors to easily share their choice of units with their friends. This is especially useful to help them convince family and friends to choose your units…

Our content management system allows you to quickly and easily edit most parts of the site without risking any damage to the vital functions. Also, we can develop any function you have seen working on other websites.

Use live chats to increase trust

Boost presence and interactivity with live chat

Live chat helps get customers who need reassurance that there is a live team on the other side of the website. In an industry where trust is essential and prospects are concerned with scams, this matters.

Let customers see you

Leverage custom search for property names

Helps find properties by name, for example. Often customers sent through referrals wil just remember part of a property name, for example "something reef" instead of "Residencias Reff 8220". This makes it easy for them to search as they would in Google -without the risk that they would find a competitor's property- or the same property on a competitor's website.

[top]Work more efficiently with travel agents

Let customers view availabilitties

Display a simplified grid to help agents and customers view availabilities

This is especially helpful when they have flexible stay dates and want to check availability for certain properties. Also, it allows to check how to combine several properties for a stay when the grid becomes quite full. It saves you and the agents the time and contacts needed to find out.

Let customers view availabilitties

Display your web on partner Travel Agencies

Displays a simplified version on your web on the partner web, similarly to how we display on Facebook

[top]Integrate your booking engine in Facebook


Facebook search and reserve module

Integrate your web in Facebook

Get your web to display on facebook with the possibility to reserve online securely within facebook- see 

[top]Cross-sell more services

Vacation rentals are most likely your core business - first priority is to rent properties. But once you rent the property, you get in a good position to cross-sell extra services -like cook service, car rental, etc. These can represent 5% or more extra turnover.

Give customers bonus

Propose extra services to the customer on thank you page

After sending the online reservation form, the thank you page proposes extra services to the customer. The team is informed by email.